September 30, 2023
Vape and Toss: The Ultimate Convenience of Disposable Vapes

Disposable Vape are single-use devices that come ready to use and pre-filled with e-liquid. They also include a battery and coil. Once used up they cannot be re-filled or recharged and are therefore discarded.

They are activated by drawing on the mouthpiece which triggers a sensor to create vapour. Our disposable e-cigs are available in a wide range of flavours from Dinner Lady including Desserts, Sweets, Fruits, Ice and Menthol.

Ease of use

The ease of use is one of the main reasons why disposable vapes are so popular. They come pre-filled with e-liquid and don’t need to be refilled or recharged once they run out of e-liquid. They also don’t require any maintenance, which makes them a great option for new vapers who may not want to worry about charging their battery or refilling their e-liquid.

Another benefit of disposable vapes is that they’re typically small and discreet, which makes them easy to carry around and use in public. They’re also ideal for travellers who don’t have space to pack a larger and more bulky reusable device.

A disposable vape’s internal components consist of a battery, coil and mouthpiece. The coil is filled with a high-quality e-liquid that’s been optimised to produce large clouds of vapour while maintaining a smooth flavour. The battery provides the power to activate the coil and the puff sensor when you inhale, while the logic board handles all of the safety functions.


If you’re a vaper looking to try out new flavours without the commitment of a refillable device or don’t want to risk losing your premium kit when travelling or attending busy events disposable vapes can be the perfect solution. They’re also an excellent choice for smokers who want to switch over to vaping to cut out the harmful toxins found in cigarettes.

You won’t have to worry about refilling, charging or changing coils as they come pre-filled with e-liquid and have integrated batteries. Moreover, they’re slim and portable for easy storage in your pocket making them the ideal travel companion.

You may have seen them around in bars and clubs or even when scrolling through TikTok – disposable vapes are increasingly becoming more commonplace in public spaces. However, before you buy yours it’s important to ensure that you’re buying from a trusted and registered retailer like Totally Wicked. We’re an MHRA-registered business and our in-store teams and online storefronts operate strict age verification processes.


Disposable vapes come in many shapes, sizes, colors, liquid types, flavors, and nicotine strengths. They are perfect for newcomers to the world of vaping or those making the switch from smoking as they mimic the look, feel and experience of traditional cigarettes.

One of the most popular disposables is the Elf Bar, a slimline and pocket-friendly device that can be used straight out of the box and doesn’t require refilling or charging. The Bar is draw-activated and comes prefilled with a 2ml capacity of e-liquid in your choice from a selection of 63 fruit, dessert, beverage and ice combinations, menthol and tobacco flavours.

The Gee 600 is another top-selling disposable vaporizer that is small, portable and easy to use. This model also comes pre-filled with a range of delicious flavours and is powered by a high-quality rechargeable battery to deliver great performance. The Gee is also available in different nicotine strengths to suit your preferences.


A disposable vape is a self-contained device that requires no maintenance or cleanup after use. These devices are easy to use and come in a variety of styles and flavors. They also offer a number of health benefits compared to traditional cigarettes.

While there have been some reports of disposable vapes exploding or catching fire, these incidents are typically caused by defects in the device or battery or by user error. To help reduce the risk of these events, always transport your batteries in a case and never carry them in your pocket with other metal objects that can cause a short circuit.

If you are considering trying a disposable vape, be sure to research the available products and choose a reputable brand. It is also important to read the label and understand what ingredients are in each product before purchasing. Regardless of the type of vape you choose, it is safe to say that they are 95% safer than combustible cigarettes.